Beats & Bars 2010 (Round 1)

Beats & Bars 2010 (Round 1)

Read on for an article that originally appeared in Connexions Leicester Shire's internal newsletter 'Inside Story', in Spring 2010.....

Eight lads who are currently signed onto the 2Funky Arts' ESF programme have been successfully recording their own double CD!

The songs, written and sung by the lads themselves, have been recorded at Yard 26 Recordings. The training and initial making of the music takes place at the BASE, a youth base for young people at 2Funky Arts. The style of music is mainly grime which is very popular at the moment and the lads have been MCing over the beats they have created at the BASE, with lyrics covering issues such as poverty, politics, life, crime and global issues.
All of the lads on the course were previously not in education, employment or training, and Lucy Bell, Intensive Support Adviser for Connexions Leicester Shire has been watching and assisting their progress.

She said; "The lads are progressing really well. This course has shown just how talented they are and what they are capable of with the new skills they have learnt. The tutors have been brilliant in shifting the way the lads think about the lyrics they use. This has changed from violent lyrics to very political clear messages how fantastic! ‟

Beats & Bars is made possible by ESF and Connexions Leicester Shire. 

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