Project:LIVE showcase 2019

Project:LIVE showcase 2019

Project: LIVE

Showcasing Leicester’s Finest Urban Talent


 Seven promising, new urban artists, from across Leicester, are performing at a public and music industry showcase, as part of an innovative artist development programme. The profile-raising event takes place on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 2Funky Music Café in Leicester. ‘Project: LIVE’ has seen the hottest new vocalists, from across Leicester, develop their own material under professional guidance.

2Funky Arts Director Vijay Mistry said: “We have uncovered some amazing local talent in this round, with huge potential. We can’t wait to showcase the results of this programme to the public and music industry.”

The project has been managed by 2Funky Arts, in collaboration with Musical Director and established vocalist Lisa Millet Only the finest candidates were selected for the four month programme, which has been funded by Arts Council England and Leicester City Council CAF fund.

‘Project: LIVE’ focuses on artists working in urban music styles and music of Black origin, including soul, R&B, jazz, funk, gospel, grime and reggae. The programme hopes to increase the potential for artists to become signed, boost their income from performances, gain management and improve their networks. 2Funky Arts will also help them to secure live bookings, across the region and beyond, following the course.

Performers include

Alice Kube – Stripped down, Acoustic vocalist and guitarist. Echoing soulful vibes and angelic tones.

Fletcher – Singer songwriter bringing rich vocals and a unique sound

Estar – Versatile MC and singer with fire wordplay and flows.

Distro Glo – Extraordinary Trap artist, rapper and entrepreneur.

R double G – Urban artist bringing a new wave to all genres of music.

Astrixx – Urban music artist originating from Leicester varying in sound such as grime, trap, r’n’b, hip-hop, and garage.

Flynny O’Flynn – Exciting Female rapper, rapidly rising in the Hip-Hop scene.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Leicester City Council CAF fund


Check out the link below to see our video of Project LIVE showcase 2019 

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