Radio2Funky presents Making Waves Radio Show

Radio2Funky presents Making Waves Radio Show

Radio2Funky presents

Making Waves Radio Show: Employment Training Through Radio

Making Waves is a 12 week project that will to support disabled people to gain employability skills through radio training which then gives them an opportunity for continued volunteering with the radio station to use and develop those skills, potentially leading to greater employment opportunities through transferable skills. They will gain confidence, develop communication skills and broaden their access to opportunities and networks.

Starting 16th September. 

The 12 weeks entail:

ˇ  2 weeks of radio skills training - Mon to Fri 10-4pm

ˇ  8 weeks - 3hr session once a week to plan and develop the Making Waves Radio Show as a team,with individual responsibility. In the 8th week they will broadcast theirshow.

ˇ  Final 2 weeks will be spenton work experience or volunteering. This will be between 1 day - 2 weeks depending on each person and what we can arrange.

Participants will gain a broad set of transferable skills with the choice to focus on areas of interest. Through creating a radio show, they will be thinking creatively and critically, learning how to find information, team working, managing time, improving verbal and written communication and looking at their own skillset.

Radio2Funky will host this radio show and if there is interest, it programme will become a permanent fixture on our programming going forward.

Participants will also be able to access further volunteering opportunities through Radio2Funky and our sister company 2Funky Music Café to further develop their skills in other creative areas after the project has ended. All activities provide transferable skills that will help the participants increase their employability, or broaden their horizons of opportunities available to them and know how to access.

We have 10 places on this programme and looking for adults 18+ who are unemployed and disabled.


Starts Monday 16th September

Contact for more information

2Funky Arts

119 GranbyStreet, Leicester, LE1 6FD

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