Urban Legacy Exhibition

Urban Legacy Exhibition

In September 2008, 2Funky Arts received funding from Awards For All, to develop Urban Legacy. The main feature of the project was a high profile photographic exhibition, documenting the rise of genres such as Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Drum & Bass, R&B and Reggae in the city.  As well as images, the display included life stories of those featured.  Singer Carol Leeming had a worldwide hit with mid-nineties track For What We Dream Of, which featured on international box office smash Trainspotting, in collaboration with House act Bedrock.  BBC Leicester presenter Herdle White has interviewed everyone from Bob Marley to Courtney Pine and is another key player in the local music scene.  Originating from Leicester, Cornershop rose to international prominence in the nineties, with their hit Brimful of Asha.  The popularity of such a rich assortment of musical genres in Leicester has strong associations with our cultural diversity, including influences from the Afro-Caribbean community. After a successful launch and month-long run at The Peepul Centre, as part of BASS Festival, the exhibition was displayed at Leicesterís African Caribbean Centre, for Black History Season.

The exhibition was designed by Pritesh Chauhan and entries were composed by Rebecca Wooster, incorporating contributions from many of the artists. The project also featured a community workshop event and showcase, at The Peepul Centre, which saw young people and their families try out a range of associated art forms.

This exhibition is available for bookings.  Please contact Vijay Mistry on for more information.

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