2Sing - Youth Vocal Project

In 2014, local young people aged 16-19, were given the chance to work with professional music artists in a nine month programme.Funded by Youth Music, 2Sing engaged participants in workshops to improve their vocal and performance skills as well as confidence. 

Workshops were led by Mellow Baku and Marcus Joseph, while masterclasses were run by Jamie Joseph, Carol Leeming, Candice Dixon, Elektric and Decypher. The project saw young people perform as part of The Spark Festival and Soul Acoustic at Curve. It culminated in a performance at Curve Theatre, for mainly friends and family, and the creation of a CD album with original music. 

We were extremely proud of the achievements of the young people and received positive feedback to build on for future projects.

CoLab2 - Changing Perceptions Project
Check out the new video for "pushin boundaries" feat Dulzo, 11, Loanski and Yugen.
SLAMbassadors August 2019
SLAMbassadors Midlands Weekend in August at Curve Theatre, a collaboration with UniSlam, The Poetry Society & Arts Council England.
State of Flux presents Open Workshop Leicester
Opportunity for Midlands based actors and dancers with a strong movement theatre background.
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