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2Funky Arts put together a unique documentary and website on the history of music of Black origin in Leicester. Spectrum tracks the city’s history of soul, disco, reggae, R&B, gospel, drum 'n' bass, hip hop and ‘urban’ music over the last 40 years. It covers singers, bands, DJ’s, sound systems, dancers, musicians and record labels, with exclusive interviews from people who were there ‘back in the day’. 

As well as the film itself, the website includes full length interviews with artists, as well as historical photographs, original footage, sound clips and flyers. Artists interviewed for the film itself include reggae DJ’s Junior Blues and Skully, singer Carol Leeming, Jazz DJ Tony Minvielle, Producer and entrepreneur  DJSS, Classic Groove DJ Collective and soul/ funk band Saquii. Vocalist Bizzi Dixon, who reached the semi-final in BBC1’s The Voice in 2014, was also featured. The documentary was filmed in 2013, with a launch at Phoenix Square, and the website followed in summer 2014.

As well as the creation of these educational and insightful resources, the project saw volunteers trained in heritage research and oral history techniques. Volunteers and local music fans played a vital role in the creation of the film and website, with contributions submitted from across the city.
Colin Hyde, of East Midlands Oral History Archive, has said of the film:
“It is entertaining, informative and thought provoking and is a great example of how the memories of the people involved in the music business can bring the subject alive for new audiences.”

This is a five year project, with the website building on what we have already. Artists and music fans are encouraged to continue to submit flyers, photos, press articles, footage and other material reflecting the history of 40 years of music of Black origin in Leicester. 

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To visit the website and view the film, please go to: 
Official Partners: Leicester Arts and Museums Service, East Midlands Oral History Archive, Mainstream Partnership, Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, African Caribbean Centre, African Caribbean Citizens Forum, Embrace Arts, Curve Theatre and  HCC.

This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
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