Words without Weapons!

Words without Weapons!

Words Without Weapons is a 2Funky Arts project that uses lyricism and music as a vehicle for exploring issues surrounding violent and knife crime.  The project has provided local young people aged 12-19, who are at risk of offending or re offending, with a range of creative opportunities to explore such issues, between September 2011 & April 2012.

Two rounds took place at Highfields Centre and Quad Studios, culminating in showcases at The Music Cafe and Thread Nightclub. 2FA employed one lead artist for each round Wavey and Bizzi. The project has been very popular and including distribution of CD's, has reached over 1000 people!

2FA have found that lyric-writing and Mcing activities are highly effective in addressing sensitive issues.  Both rounds allowed young people to:

-Acquire skills in Mcing performance and lyric writing. 

-Examine and challenge popular lyrics that promote violence. 

-Explore victim perspectives and consequences of knife and violent crime.   

-Put together their own tracks for performance and distribution in a CD.

-Perform in a community showcase. 

-Additionally, role model artists who have relevant experience (either as previous offenders or as members of affected communities) perform at showcases and promote anti-crime messages. Such artists have included the likes of Shystie and English Frank.

Words Without Weapons is supported by The Home Office Communities Against Gangs, Guns and Knives Fund. 

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